How poker endorsements are skyrocketing sales

The question at the back of the mind of every business is how to reach a larger audience and make more sales. A new opportunity has emerged where corporate businesses are able to maximize from the publicity of poker players by using them to soar their sales higher and higher. A couple of reasons for this incredible rise are that the professional players have credibility, overwhelming publicity and the backing of society’s prestige.

People in society view the rich as a benchmark for setting the way of life. The top professional plays are valued at net worth’s of millions in terms of dollars and they are looked up to by poker fans. This attention that they get enables them to reach to a wider audience when they endorse products be it they are clothes, drinks or products. What they consume is law.

In recent times, television stations are featuring poker games in their program line-ups. This provides a unique opportunity to market a brand for a business to a large business of audience who do consume a diverse range of products. At the same time, the poker shows are coupled with relevant advertisements featuring the poker stars who market business products.

Society is bonded to the want of prestige. In every product that consumers purchase, there is a level of prestige that is attributed to the reason for making the purchase of the product. The luxury that pro poker players live makes a good reference on what is preferred for consumption.

In the end, people tend to buy products not because they need to consume them but rather because Phil Ivey, the richest poker player in the world, also partakes of the same product: why not them too. Essentially, the prestige of consuming the same product as the millionaire poker player drives product sales.